Viking Stand Mixer Review: A Weekend of Baking

Viking Stand MixerI’ve been wanting to use my new Viking 7 quart stand mixer and its many attachments for a few weeks.  Finally, I was able to try it out vs. my old stand-by KitchenAid mixer.  In short, I LOVE the Viking stand mixer!   It made a great batch of “Chippies,” a family favorite for three generations.

The Viking attachments are quite sturdy. Most important, they get all the way to the bottom of the bowl.  This has been a problem with my old mixer.  Now thanks to Viking I don’t have to make sure everything is fully mixed.   The mixing pattern of the attachments also makes it easier to add ingredients.  The attachments move within in the center of the bowl as well as to the edges and are not a completely circular pattern.   This makes it even better for mixing and I’m sure is one of the reasons why I didn’t have to worry about scraping the bottom of the bowl.   This pattern also makes it easier to add ingredients while the mixer is working.   It is important to make sure the attachments are properly inserted.   You push, listen for a faint “click” and then turn to the right.  (Do the opposite to remove them.)

I also very much like the control dial on the Viking mixer.  It feels very precise so I was able to mix in the nuts without chopping them first, great time saver. Then it was easy to run the mixer at a very low speed to add the chocolate chips so they remained whole but were nicely distributed throughout the batter.

All in all a great experience.   The Viking mixer is definitely worth the money.   It keeps the “stuff” in the kitchen simple.  It’s a blender, a pasta maker, food processor, meat grinder.  Each of these attachments fits into the Viking stand mixer, so you can save space and money with one basic appliance and then purchase the attachments you’ll use.