Vitamix Review: More than Just a Blender

Vita-Mix Pro BlenderOf all the many brands on MetroKitchen,  I am certain that Tim Allen of “Home Improvement” fame would be all over Vitamix blenders and food processors. His comic quest for more horse power would lead him on a crash course for an appliance like Vita-Mix.  These machines have 2 plus peak horsepower and the blades spin at 240 miles per hour at the highest setting. These products are built in the USA, in Cleveland, Ohio and are built to last!  There are two models to chose from, the Turbo Blend 4500 and the CIA Pro Series which is comparable to the Vita-Mix 5200 series.

The Vita-Mix Turbo Blend 4500 has a 5-year warranty and is considered a blender, but it can do more than just blend. Because of its power and the 240 mile per hour blades you can actually make hot soup or sauces with it.  While it does not have a heating element and the ingredients go in at room temperature, the heat generated from the friction of the food and blades spinning at it’s highest speed (an incredible 240 mph) gives you hot soup! Can you imagine the ear to ear smile on Tim Allen’s face when he is served hot soup from a blender at those speeds?  It’s great at crushing ice and making margaritas too — both cold and hot from one amazing appliance.

The Vita-Mix CIA Professional Series Blender is referred to as a food processor by Vita-Mix and rightly so. It is capable of 35 different tasks partly because of its variable speed control and because of different carafes available. You can make juice, ice creams and sorbets, hot soups and sauces, nut butters, grind coffee beans, make flour from whole grains (dry blade carafe is needed for this), knead bread dough from flour that is ready to rise in 5 minutes (dry blade carafe is needed for this).  The list goes on and on. The CIA Pro Series has a 7 year warranty.

You can compare them side-by-side using our Vitamix blender comparison guide.

For the health conscious, the high power of the Vita-Mix blenders capture maximum nutrition from your food.  Its high speed blades rupture the cell walls of your food. This is significant because it means you unlock the vitamins and nutrients resulting in a higher bio availability for you. By simply eating a strawberry or an apple you miss much of the nutrition from them, why, because much of the vitamins and minerals are in the strawberries little seeds and the apples skin. When you eat these fruits the little seeds remain intact and the skin too remains mostly intact  keeping the desired nutrients locked inside. The Vita-mix blades not only breaks down the seeds and skin of fruits and veggies it even ruptures the cell walls of the fruit releasing the full nutritional potential so our bodies can actually absorb these goodies. Raw food lovers will really love the Vitamix for this fact alone!

Another feature of the Vita-Mix is the carafe. These Vita-Mix containers are made of BPA-Free Eastman Tritan copolyester. You can throw one on a tile floor and it will not break. So you don’t have to worry about replacing one of these containers, as you do with lower cost blenders.  Cleaning it is a snap! Just add some dish soap and water and blend for a bit, then rinse thoroughly.

Some may be put off by the price but these blenders will save you money. Make your own baby food with no additives or preservatives.  Making your own nut butters will save you a bunch too! Those of you that have problems with gluten can even make your own flour using rice or other safe grains. This will certainly save you money as gluten-free items are quite pricey. Plenty of people buy cheap blenders and end up replacing them again and again. The Vita-Mix is the greener option. They are more than up to the task and built to last.

Hard to believe, but the Vita-Mix is more powerful than some lawn mowers.  This blender / food processor from Vita-mix is versatile enough to replace any number of other appliances.   Every Vita-Mix blender is made in the US, in Cleveland, Ohio. This one appliance will make you the envy of your neighbors and put a big Tim Allen smile on your face!

Do you own or have you used a Vita-Mix Food Processor?  Please leave your thoughts and feedback in the comments below!

  • Blender Food Processor

    Yes, I ever use a Vita-Mix Turbo Blend 4500. Vita-Mix is a great quality blender and good for me.

  • Anonymous

    Blenders are perfect for making smoothies, but if you really want a gourmet, healthy smoothie, try adding freshly squeezed juice from your own home juicer to your smoothie. With a juicer, you can make your own fresh-squeezed juices any time. From classic orange juice to wheatgrass juice, you can make it all in the convenience of your own home.

  • Jan

    I love my Vita Mix. Yes, smoothies are the most frequent recipe I make in them…but I love the fact I can add a carrot or celery or spinach to a fruit combo and have it super well blended…well integrated so it leaves the drinker wondering why it tastes so good.