Why Does Everyone Want a Vitamix?

Vitamix 500 Professional Series BlenderA Vitamix blender is more than just an average blender. Vitamix machines are renowned as the world’s most versatile and durable blenders. What sets them apart from the competition?

First, Vitamix blenders are capable of preparing anything from frozen desert to hot soup. When it comes to processing ingredients, they can chop, blend, cream, puree, pulverize and more! The blade used in each Vitamix machine is made from hardened stainless steel, so they’re long lasting and durable. Thanks to these super sharp blades and their powerful motors, they can make whole foods into liquids and blend every ingredient while retaining all of the nutrients.

Vitamix Culinary Institute of America Professional Series Ruby BlenderVitamix blenders are also made here in the USA, in Cleveland, Ohio and they have the best warranty of any blender on the market that covers the machine for 7 years with normal use and proper care. Vitamix blenders are used by professional chefs in restaurants across the country and can provide you with commercial-quality blending in your home. Additionally, they’re perfect for people with limited diets, such as vegans and vegetarians!


Vitamix machines are the jack of all trades and more when it comes to comparing blenders. It’s plain to see why everyone wants one. For more information on Vitamix blenders, take a look at our Vitamix comparison guide!