MetroKitchen Welcomes Wellness Mats

Wellness Anti-Fatigue Kitchen MatCalled an anti-fatigue mat, the Wellness Mat lives up to its name.

A friend who does lots of catering says that her feet and back used to kill her after 4 or 5 hours of standing.  And she’s only 30!  Now, with a Wellness mat, she’s happy (and her husband is very happy because she complains less)    I was also amazed to learn that this made in the USA kitchen product actually helps with posture.  A variety of medical professionals recommend the Wellness Mat to help minimize the stress we put on our bodies when standing for long periods of time.

Who invented these wonderful back savers?  A family-owned company in Michigan led by a chemist/engineer-type saw an opportunity to adjust the molecular structure of a polyurethane foam.  Essentially, Daniel Bouzide, identified a way to compress molecules so when you step on them, they push back against the pressure and “spring” back to their original position.  Daniel first started selling these incredibly helpful mat to Homeland Security and other businesses where employees stand for long periods of time.  Imagine how much happier you’d be if your legs and back didn’t kill you after 8 hours of standing.   With some adjustments in color and style to look less industrial, Wellness Mat became a great addition to kitchens, garages, near the bbq grill (they do work outside too), bars, anywhere in a home where you find yourself on your feet for extended periods of time.

While the back and leg  benefits are substantial,  some may think the price of Wellness Mats is expensive for a kitchen accessory.  Not so much when you know that they’re guaranteed to last 7 years.   Just think about the numbers:  how many kitchen mats do you use in a year?    I trash 1 or 2 of them every year (or should)  because they get dirty, quickly wear out (and look ugly).  So, if I spend $20 or $30 a year on cheapo mats, in 7 years that’s $140 to $210. That’s more than the $119.95 price of a Wellness kitchen mat.  And cleaning a Wellness anti-fatigue mat is easy too as they don’t stain or require lots of scrubbing to look like new.

Winner:  Wellness Mats on money, on looking good, and on helping my back and legs be less sore.

We’re happy to welcome Wellness anti-fatigue kitchen mats to the MetroKitchen family of top brands for your kitchen!

  • Rosemary Hollender

    Can I clean a Wellness Mat with a mop? It would be placed on a wood floor so need a mop system that would not ruin the wood…any suggestions?

    • Bobby

      Hi Rosemary,

      The cleaning solution you current use on your wood floors will also work on the Wellness Mat. However, we don’t recommend any Murphy’s oil soap-type products or anything with bleach in it. Please note that the mat will be slick until it dries. Wellness Mats do dry quickly. We also recommend waiting for the floor to dry before putting the Wellness Mat back down on the floor. We wash the Mat first, then stand it in the corner while we work on the rest of the floor. By the time we’re done, both the floor and Wellness Mat are dry!

      We hope this helps!


  • Anti Fatigue Mats

    Anti fatigue mats are the best mats available.

  • Bernadette

    I have been interested in these for a while but find the cost prohibitive. This weekend I saw that Martha Stewart made her own anti-fatigue mat it only was $19.99. Now I’m suspicious of the quality with such a disparity in cost. What do you think?

    Oh, and why are they all made is such disgusting colors, lol. Black, brown, black with yellow edge, looks so industrial and doesn’t fit into any decor.

    • admin

      Hi Bernadette,

      There is a wide range of quality in the various types and brands of anti-fatigue mats. Wellness mats are the only ones with a 7 year guarantee. We have a few in use in the warehouse for almost 2 years now and they are still in great shape. We also tested another, fairly expensive mat in the warehouse for the same time frame — it was flat and basically worthless and is not guaranteed. I’m a firm believer in “you get what you pay for.” Wellness mats are definitely worth the extra cost, based on my personal experience and MetroKitchen’s testing and review of other brands.

      I had the same feeling on colors, until I put a burgundy one on my cherry hardwood floor — it looks great. I’ve also given them as gifts and all of the colors look fine, no matter what the type of flooring is. I think it helps that the mats are not as close as when you’re looking at a color sample. On the yellow bordered mats, we don’t sell those. They are certainly very industrial looking.

      One thing to note as that the Wellness anti-fatigue mats are made in the USA in a factory in Missouri. Martha Stewart’s mats are made in China and do not feature a warranty.

      Thank you for your comment!

  • David

    My brother is in the process of preparing a new house to move in to and he’s looking at anti-fatigue mats for the kitchen. His concern is finding ones that are non-flammable to have near the stove.

    They’re a great idea. I’m using the mats for my stand-up desk set-up.

    Thanks for the info!