Why is an approval from NSF, the National Sanitation Foundation, important?

John Boos NSF-certified cutting boardsMany of the manufacturers whose products we carry here at MetroKitchen.com, such as John Boos cutting boards and Shun cutlery, list their products with the National Sanitation Foundation for commercial safety. The NSF is a non-profit testing organization that certifies materials used in the construction of products for the food service industry.  The NSF tests materials such as the stainless steel and hardwoods used in products like John Boos cutting boards and Shun cutlery.  Many products must receive this type of certification in order to be accepted for use by the food service industry.

Shun knives and kitchen utensilsThis NSF certification ensures that the products designed for you to use at home meet the same public health standards as those used in hotels, restaurants, schools, hospitals, anywhere in the food service industry.  These standards include testing materials, construction techniques, as well as cleaning requirements.

This means that the John Boos and Shun products that you buy for your home are tested for safety by an independent, non-profit agency.  Only materials certified for food service kitchens are used in the manufacturing of John Boos’ and Shun’s quality products.