Our Winged Visitor Sees MetroKitchen’s Heart

A visiting hummingbird rescued by MetroKitchenAt MetroKitchen.com, we do our best to take care of our customers every day.  Occasionally, we also take care of living creatures who will never be customers!

Last Friday, we found a hummingbird in the warehouse.   Several of our employees tried to capture it to take it outside.  Romane noticed it was having some trouble flying.  Then Lee realized it had picked up a tiny dust ball.  Since hummingbirds are so light, even the smallest extra weight makes it difficult for them to fly.

Fortunately, our brave operations VP, Chip, was able to capture the bird – as you can see here.   Our warehouse manager used a small paper clip to remove the dust ball from the bird’s underside.

We put him or her in a box with some sugar water.  The bird rapidly consumed.   Still, the bird was not leaving the box, even though it was outside.  Then it dawned on us.   The bird was probably afraid of the box.   It needed to be removed and put into the grass.   Woosh!!!  Once on the grass, the bird immediately flew away.   All of us at MetroKitchen returned to our jobs of taking care of customers but feeling very good since we were able to save and take care of this beautiful little creature.

According to Georgia Hummers, there are 11 recorded species of hummingbirds in Georgia.  Do you happen to know which one this is?

Prior to Hummingbird's Departure from MetroKitchen
After Some Sugar Water, the Hummingbird Leaves Our Nest