Wusthof Classic BBQ Set for Father’s Day

Wusthof Classic BBQ Knife
This exclusive set at MetroKitchen is the perfect gift for dad!

The Wusthof Classic BBQ Knife is the ideal grilling knife. It’s a 6 in. blade with a razor-sharp edge and a classic clip-point design. The clip-point gives you great control when removing silver skin or gristle from a beef roast or raw chicken breast. The unique shape is also great for removing rotisserie chicken from the bone, allowing for a clean efficient cut with no wasted meat left on the bone. The thin mid-sized blade is fantastic for slicing grilled pork loin or roasted vegetables. The Wusthof Classic BBQ Knife is easy to handle with great weight and the perfect balance Wusthof is known for and it’s Made in Solingen, Germany. It’s a slicing knife and a utility knife in one piece! Truly the perfect companion for dad’s beloved grill.

The MetroKitchen Exclusive BBQ Set also contains a 11.5” x 17.5” poly cutting board. The material is designed to be dishwasher safe and easy on the edge of your knives. It also has a perimeter well to catch the juices of your foods. A durable Wusthof apron completes the set.

What more could dad ask for?!