New Wusthof Gourmet NCAA Steak Knife Sets Now Available at MetroKitchen!

Seems like all of us have absolutely devoted college sports fans in our lives.  From the PAC10 to the SEC to the Big 10, these dyed in the wool Gators, Huskies, Dawgs or Tigers fans love their teams.

Here’s the perfect gift for an NCAA fan!  And you can only get them at  Wusthof Gourmet NCAA steak knives, each engraved with the team logo along with a wooden storage block also adorned with the team logo.  These steak knives are Wusthof’s usual top quality Gourmet knives.   They are guaranteed for life.  Just think of how many tailgate parties that can mean!

We have these schools in stock for your holiday gifts.   And you can only get them at !

If you want another school, call or email us and we’ll see what we can do!  (888-892-9911 or