Wusthof Gourmet Sale – Save up to 30%!

When I was a kid I thought a car is a car is a car. I really didn’t know there were significant differences, other than sports cars.  This changed the day I went with a neighbor to get their new Cadillac.  A DeVille, the entry level Cadillac.  As soon as I got in that car I was a changed person.  Wow!  What an experience…power, cushiness, luxury  vs. the Fords and Chevys we owned!  I saw the difference between luxury cars and regular cars.

Wusthof Gourmet 18 Piece Knife Block Set

My story is a great way to talk about Wusthof knives.  Similar to Cadillac, Wusthof  has a range of quality for its many styles of knives.  Every Wusthof knife is made with care, attention and top quality…. they are luxury knives.

As with the Cadillac DeVille, Wusthof  has an “entry” knife style–the Wusthof Gourmet series.  The main difference between Gourmet knives and Wusthof lines is the process Wusthof uses to form the stainless steel in the knife blade.  Gourmet is stamped from one piece of steel, similar to how you might make a cookie.  The more expensive Wusthof knife series, such as Wusthof Classic and Grand Prix II, are forged.  That means each knife blade is individually formed using extremely high heat and pressure.  Making a stamped knife blade costs less than making a forged blade; that’s why Gourmet knives are priced lower than other Wusthof styles, such as Classic Ikon.Wusthof Gourmet 6 Piece Steak Knife Set

For the first time ever, MetroKitchen has Gourmet knives on sale for as much as 30% lower than regular price for a limited time.  So, if a forged knife like Wusthof Grand Prix II is a bit out of your budget, there’s never been a better time to enter the “luxury” knife market and give Gourmet a try!   A Wusthof Gourmet paring knife is on sale for only $11.95 and you can get a set of 6 extra sharp Wusthof Gourmet steak knives for only $69.95.

More information on Wusthof Gourmet knivesWusthof Gourmet 3 inch Paring Knife

Gourmet blades are made of high carbon stainless steel with a hardness rating of 58 rockwell!  This rating means the knife will hold its cutting edge very well over time and usage. The blade is made from 1 continuous piece of metal that extends to the very end of the handle.Wusthof Gourmet 7 inch Santoku Knife

The handle is riveted to the blade so foods or foreign materials can’t penetrate into the handle. The Wusthof Gourmet line, as with all Wusthof lines, has a lifetime warranty.  This means you never have to buy these knives again as they will be replaced if they come apart or break. When you buy Wusthof knives, Gourmet, Classic or any of their other great lines, you can be sure you’ll have the knives for life, ultimately saving you money!