Wusthof Tomato Knife – Wusthof’s Sharp Pick for September

Today we’re introducing our Wusthof Sharp Picks feature, which will profile special prices on select Wusthof knives for the month.  A great way to introduce this new feature is with the Wusthof Tomato knife.

If you’ve ever used a paring knife to slice a tomato, you know how sometimes you can end up squishing it a bit while trying to get the blade to pierce the skin.  It’s not that the knife is dull, one assumes, but that skin is a little tough to get through.

Wusthof tomato knives, with their serrated edge, are specifically designed for this task: to get right through the skin so you can make more precise slices without making a mess of the tomato.  You can also pick up the slice using the dual-point tip at the end of the knife. Right tool, great slices, no mess!

Now you can use your thin tomato slices with just bit of balsamic vinegar and good olive oil plus freshly ground pepper.   You can even add a dollop of pesto or a sprig of basil if either is resident in your refrigerator for a delicious treat.

The knife can also be used for slicing hard or semi-hard cheeses too!  It’s up to the task, for sure.

For the month of September, you can save $10 on the Wusthof tomato knife and enjoy free shipping on your order:

Wusthof Classic Tomato Knife

Wusthof Classic tomato knife $49.95 (regularly $59.95)

Wusthof Classic Ikon Tomato Knife

Wusthof Classic Ikon tomato knife $79.99 (regularly $89.95)

Creative Commons License photo credit: specialkrb